About us

Would you like to have a clean conscience? With Ulrich natürlich, you can do that!

We have been manufacturers of certified ecological detergents and cleaning agents for almost 30 years. We use ingredients based on renewable raw materials, if possible, from organic farming. Our primary focus is the sustainability of our products. These are not only readily biodegradable but also highly sustainable and economical.


Packaging waste? We have enough of that ...

... for this reason, we have made it our task to offer low-plastic packaging, which is as plastic-free as possible. The bottles used are from post-consumer recycling material, from 100% recyclate, which consists exclusively of municipal waste (post-consumer products). It means that the material used has previously been used otherwise. We are matching this: the new Ulrich natürlich detergents in glass bottles.


Distribution channels

You can find our ecological Ulrich natürlich products in retail outlets, online shops, and unpackaged shops near you! We deliver large containers to these shops to produce as little plastic waste as possible. A cycle occurs since the empty canister returns to us and is cleaned and refilled. This ecological philosophy is also the origin of our environmentally friendly care products. The Ulrich natürlich detergents and cleaning agents are certified by ECO-Control according to the latest Nature Care Products Standard. ECO-Control is an inspection and certification body for ecological products and quality assurance systems in the non-food sector.


We realize your business idea!

Would you like to establish an independent washing and cleaning line? We will help you with the process - from selecting the respective materials through production to the salable product with your logo! We are the innovative partner you are looking for. With almost 30 years of experience, we are happy to help you with our knowledge.